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December 09, 2009



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Great post! To really discuss the climat changes would to say the least be impractical in this blog. At best we can point out the deeply flawed predictive track record of the warmists!

Elliott Harvell

Women play a great role on any issue. I'm glad to hear this news.
It is easy to say that we are aware about climate change or the green house effect. But, not all of us can contribute financially to save the Earth. If the simple things like using eco-friendly gas for our cars is very hard to support, what more the bigger responsibilities. Everywhere we go, we can find blogs, ads, and campaigns supporting Earth preservation. We always hear and read about green tips for fighting climate change. Even in IT world, they find ways to minimize carbon emissions. Just recently, someone told me about carbon neutral web hosting from a green hosting company. We all know that carbon, like from our cars, is one of the causes of heat problems today. It is good that the IT industry found an alternative which minimizes carbon emissions.


That's great! Thanks for the information! Love the blog!

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